What Are Your Corporate Portraits Saying About You?

In a second, your potential clients will size up what you’re all about just by viewing your corporate portrait. Good photography speaks volumes. What it says about you can make a huge impact.

Our clients come to us for a variety of photography needs. Maybe you’re a musician looking for a for a CD cover, a model needing to supplement tear sheets, or a CEO looking for a corporate portrait for your updated website or social media. Whatever your photography needs, we tailor your session to meet them. We learn what you need before the shoot and plan shots that will meet your goals for that session.

Corporate Portraits should be updated on a regular basis. We have many clients, especially business clients, who schedule corporate portrait sessions every year to be used for a variety of marketing publications.
We’ve taken professional portraits for:

Real Estate Agents
CEOs & Their Employees (to be used in advertising and on business websites)
Small Business Owners
Fashion and Model Portraits
Industrial Portraits
Makeup Artists and Hair Stylists (wanting to showcase their work)
Musicians, Actors, and other Performing Artists

In addition to getting to know your needs before your photo session, here are some considerations when preparing for your shoot.

Select clothing that will not distract from your portrait. Unless you are displaying the clothing, avoid large patterns.
Women should bring makeup, powder, lip stick, a comb and hairspray for quick touch ups. We can also suggest professional makeup artists if you need.
If you wear glasses, bring glass cleaner. If you intend to wear sunglasses for some shots, make certain they are scratch free.
Accessorize your outfit for a polished look.
Both men and women should moisturize before a photography shoot to help soften lines.

Our studio features the latest in photographic technology so that we can provide you with high quality images.

I can also shoot your photo session on location and I’ll bring the same high quality equipment I use in the studio. Your images are guaranteed to project the professional image you desire. Final images can also be digitally enhanced according to your needs.

Our Corporate Portrait session rate is $200 per individual. Contact us for larger group pricing.

Individual Corporate Portrait sessions last up to an hour in length. We generally shoot a handful of different looks for you during the session. Shooting a range of looks allows us to get a variety of shots for your use for whatever marketing purposes you choose.

All Corporate Portrait sessions start at $200, please click here to contact us to schedule a meeting or a Skype call.

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